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CELINE DION - If Walls Could Talk Lyrics

Can you keep a secret? These walls keep a secretThat only we knowBut how long can they keep it? 'cause we're two lovers, we lose controlWe're two shadowsChasing rainbowsBehind closed windowsBehind closed doorsIf walls could talkOooh... they would say I want you moreThey would sayHey...ever felt like this before? That you'll always be the one for meIf walls had eyesMine...they would see the love in sightThey would seeMe...in your arms in ecstasyAnd with every move they'd know I love you soTwo people making memoriesJust too good to tellThese songs are never ending (? )When we're lying where we fellA bed in pictures (? )Making magicTaking chancesMaking loveChorusWhen I'm feeling weakYou give me wingsWhen the fire has no heatYou light it up againWhen I hear no violinsYou play my every stringStop the pressHold the newsThe secret is safe between me and youCan you keep a secret? Repeat chorusAdlib:I love you soOoooh I love you babyOoooh babyLove you love you love you so honeyLove you love you love you soIn your arms in ecstasyIf they could only see you and me babyJust you and me baby

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