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CELINE DION - Love Can Move Mountains Lyrics

There ain't a dream that don'tHave a chanceTo come true nowIt just takes a little faith babyAnything that we want to doWe can do nowThere ain't nothing in our way babyNothing our love couldn't raise aboveWe can get through the nightWe can get to the lightLong as we got our love toLight the wayWith a little faithJust a little trustIf you believe in loveLove can move mountainsBelieve in your heartAnd feel, feel it in your soulAnd love baby love canMove mountainsOcean deep and mountains highThey can't stop usBecause love is on our side babyWe can reach the heavens andTouch the skyJust believe it, believe in you and I babyIf we got love that is strong enoughWe can do anything, make itThrough anything'coz through it all love will alwaysFind a wayWith a little faith...You believe in meI'll believe in youIf we believe in each otherNothing we can't doIf we got love that's strong enoughLove will find a wayWith a little faith

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