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Pulley - S.F.B.I.H.Y.D. Lyrics

keep my memories of you in a drawer,
old letters you wrote me sentimental things.
i can't bear to look at (you) anymore,
i guess your life is better now.
finally have security and a man you plan to marry,
i guess you're not feeling you're without.
do you ever remember me,
all those things we planned to be,
those times i held you late at night?
now i am to you only a memory.
four years and counting that's all i am,
it's just wasted time gone by.
i can't explain the way i feel inside,
this loneliness grabs me and won't let me go
and i've got nowhere to hide.
i was twenty two years old
and didn't have many friends,
you'd taken everything from me.
i'm not afraid of being alone in this world
'cause i know one day your time's gonna come.
i think about you, no asylum in my sleep.
dreams of moments we have shared are painful things to keep.
time is the healer and i guess in time we'll see,
when you realize what you had is only a memory.

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