BRANDY - Full Moon Lyrics

[verse 1]Boy, I saw you soon as you came bouncin' through the doorYou and your mans and them just took over the floorStarted doing your thangAnd it made notice you even moreThe way you turned around and looked at me seemed as thoughYou must've somehow felt me staring on the lowSomething tells me you're the kind of guy I'd like to get to know[chorus]I ain't even gonna frontI ain't even gonna lieSince you walked up in the clubI've been giving you the eyeWe can dance if you wantGet it crackin' if you likeMust be a full moonFeel like one of those nights[verse 2]Why is this the first time that I'm seeing you aroundCould you be visiting or are you new in townYeah, whatever the caseI'm feeling you right here and right nowYour smile and all the love you showing lets me know that youLike what you see and wanna get to know me tooThis could very well be the start of something specialHappy that I met you[chorus (two times)][bridge]I didn't think that I'd come here tonight, meet someone like youStart feeling the way I doSeems like we've known each other most of our livesAfter one conversation, this might be right[chorus out]

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