Andrew Justin Nicoletta - Melody In The Mist Lyrics

Trying to take some time to find,
A melody in the mist of lies,
Like a beacon in the night,
Has anybody really seen?
The forest through the trees,
And I still believe

I love you,
I love you,

Theres hope if only just a glimmer,
I put my cards in-played the hand that I was given,
So much to lose without the world to gain,
Park bench or Park Place,
In the end its all the same

I love You,
I love You,

(Bridge): Everybody needs a hand,
To help em through the rough spots,
In the end its what you give,
Not what you got

Theres no sense in holding on,
To all those things we lost,
Been down that road and now Im done,
Just want to sit in love like the sun

I love You,
I love You

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