BRYAN ADAMS - We're Gonna Win Lyrics

We're gonna winDon't wanna be a loser - gonna winCuz winnin' really is the only thingGet out of the way we're comin' inIf ya wanna fight just step inside the ringDoes anybody wanna take a swing? It's gotta be all or nothingOh we're gonna be the championsYa we're goin' all the way - we're gonna win winWe're gonna winForget about a draw - we're gonna scoreAnd then we're gonna get a few moreMaybe another one just to be sureWe'll make ya look just like an amateurUntil the final whistle it's a warAnd then we're gonna pick ya off the floorWe wanna hear the crowd really roarYa - we're comin' in we're gonna win winWe're gonna win - we wanna winCuz number one is everythingWe're gonna win - we wanna winWe're gonna be the championsWe're gonna win

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