BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Thunder Road Lyrics

The screen door slamsMary's dress swaysLike a vision she dances across the porchAs the radio playsRoy orbison singing for the lonelyHey that's me and I want you onlyDon't turn me home againI just can't face myself alone againDon't run back insideDarling you know just what I'm here forSo you're scared and you're thinkingThat maybe we ain't that young anymoreShow a little faith, there's magic in the nightYou ain't a beauty, but hey you're alrightOh and that's alright with meYou can hide `neath your coversAnd study your painMake crosses from your loversThrow roses in the rainWaste your summer praying in vainFor a savior to rise from these streetsWell now I'm no heroThat's understoodAll the redemption I can offer, girlIs beneath this dirty hoodWith a chance to make it good somehowHey what else can we do now? Except roll down the windowAnd let the wind blowBack your hairWell the night's busting openThese two lanes will take us anywhereWe got one last chance to make it realTo trade in these wings on some wheelsClimb in backHeaven's waiting on down the tracksOh-oh come take my handRiding out tonight to case the promised landOh-oh thunder road, oh thunder road oh thunder roadLying out there like a killer in the sunHey I know it's late we can make it if we runOh thunder road, sit tight take holdThunder roadWell I got this guitarAnd I learned how to make it talkAnd my car's out backIf you're ready to take that long walkFrom your front porch to my front seatThe door's open but the ride it ain't freeAnd I know you're lonelyFor words that I ain't spokenBut tonight we'll be freeAll the promises'll be brokenThere were ghosts in the eyesOf all the boys you sent awayThey haunt this dusty beach roadIn the skeleton frames of burned out chevroletsThey scream your name at night in the streetYour graduation gown lies in rags at their feetAnd in the lonely cool before dawnYou hear their engines roaring onBut when you get to the porch they're goneOn the wind, so mary climb inIt's a town full of losersAnd I'm pulling out of here to win.

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