BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Secret Garden Lyrics

She'll let you in her houseIf you come knockin' late at nightShe'll let you in her mouthIf the words you say are rightIf you pay the priceShe'll let you deep insideBut there's a secret garden she hidesShe'll let you in her carTo go drivin' roundShe'll let you into the parts of herselfThat'll bring you downShe'll let you in her heartIf you got a hammer and a viseBut into her secret garden, don't think twiceYou've gone a million milesHow far'd you getTo that place where you can't rememberAnd you can't forgetShe'll lead you down a pathThere'll be tenderness in the airShe'll let you come just far enoughSo you know she's really thereShe'll look at you and smileAnd her eyes will sayShe's got a secret gardenWhere everything you wantWhere everything you needWill always stayA million miles away

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