BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Nothing Man Lyrics

I don't remember how I feltI never thought I'd liveTo read about myselfIn my hometown paperHow my brave young lifeWas forever changedI a misty cloud of pink vaporDarlin' give me your kissOnly understandI am, the nothing manAround here, everybody acts the sameAround here, everybody acts like nothing's changedFriday night, the club meets at al's barbecueThe sky's still, the same unbelievable blueDarlin' give me your kissCome and take my handI am, the nothing manYou can call me joeBuy me a drink and shake my handYou want courageI'll show you courage you can understandThe pearl and silverRestin' on my night tableIt's just me lord, pray I'm ableDarlin, with this kissSay you understandI am, the nothing manI am, the nothing man

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