BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Johnny 99 Lyrics

Well they closed down the auto plant in mahwah late that monthRalph went out lookin' for a job but he couldn't find noneHe came home too drunk from mixin' tanqueray and wineHe got a gun shot a night clerk now they call'm johnny 99Down in the part of town where when you hit a red light you don't stopJohnny's wavin' his gun around and threatenin' to blow his topWhen an off-duty cop snuck up on him from behindOut in front of the club tip top they slapped the cuffs on johnny 99Well the city supplied a public defender but the judge was mean john brownHe came into the courtroom and stared young johnny downWell the evidence is clear gonna let the sentence son fit the crimePrison for 98 and a year and we'll call it even johnny 99A fist fight broke out in the courtroom they had to drag johnny's girl awayHis mama stood up and shouted judge don't take my boy this wayWell son you got a statement you'd like to makeBefore the bailiff comes to forever take you awayNow judge I had debts no honest man could payThe bank was holdin' my mortgage and they were gonna take my house awayNow I ain't sayin' that makes me an innocent manBut it was more `n all this that put that gun in my handWell your honor I do believe I'd be better off deadSo if you can take a man's life for the thoughts that's in his headThen sit back in that chair and think it over judge one more timeAnd let `em shave off my hair and put me on that killin' line

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