BOYZ II MEN - Little Things Lyrics

Little things mean a lotLittle things mean a lotWhen I wanted someone to give me the worldYou accepted me and smiledAnd let me know that you were my girlWhen I wanted fancy thingsGold watches, diamond ringsYou gave me your hand'cause only you could understandChorus:Little things mean a lotAppreciate what you gotIf you give all what you haveIt's forever we'll lastDon't sit around and wait for allThe great things in your life (sweetie)Little things meanLittle things meanLittle things mean a lotGiving me the best doesn't meanGiving me happinessI'll be satisfied with anything that comes closeI don't wanna settle for less but if iDo I must confess I won'tTake it if it's not from your heartSometimes we get wrapped upIn all the fancy things butDon't expect life to be perfectIt don't come with static clingChorus

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