Dj Khaled - Born N Raised Lyrics

DJ Khaled:
Born and raised in the county of Dade (Ahhhh)
Born and raised, born-born and raised
Born and raised in the county of Dade
DJ Khaled
(When I ride, I ride for Trey-0-5 )
Trick Daddy (When I ride, I ride for Trey-0-5)
Rick Ross, Pitbull, The Bottom
Listenn nigga

Verse 1
Trick Daddy:
'Til a nigga D-I-E, I be forever thuggin' baby
The same nigga, that's why the streets still love me baby
Bitch I'm from Dade County
See I'm a 7-Trey Chevrolet Impala dope rider
I'll blow ya doors off
You race your car 'gainst my car
I'll leave yo' ass so far you'll doze off
And when I take off, it's like I took off
And when I ride by, it's like i fly by
You like a slow-motion, all in 3-D
Cuz everywhere I go, they by like "Ay yo"
I fit the description
Black tee addicted, big Glock wit' me
For Dade County nigga

It's that little chico Pitbull,
I'd just like to welcome y'all to where I been born
(Ay Khaled spin that up dog)
I been raised, in the county of Dade, you know
You got them boys that pass by in them old school Chevy's wit' the top downs
Beats that, you know, make the trunk rattle, rear-views shake
Then they look at you wit' they gold smile
Let you know what it is

Verse 2
I been born and raised in the county of Dade
The land of the haze, the cocaine capitol
We ain't just hittin' you buddy, we Warren Sapp'n' ya
We comin' hard like them Cubans in the 80's dog
Go ahead, throw it in the pot, I bet it's raw
Everything that I do, do
Everything that I say, say
Everywhere that I go I let 'em know hey, I'm from the county of Dade
Old school Chevy heavy
Old school niggaz preachin'
Young niggaz wildin', gettin' rich off keys and violence
Trick, he's the mayor
Luke, he's the king
I'm Mr. 3-0-5, put that on a triplebeam
I bet I weight out more than a boat out in the keys
Holla at them Haitians, let them know this nick's on me
What's up, Dade

Rick Ross:
You see him, you see him
Ross, you see him, you see him
Trick, Pitbull, DJ Khaled
3-0-5, M-I-Yayo
(Born and raised, born and raised, born and raised in the county of Dade)

Verse 3
Rick Ross:
I got road dogs doin' that 20-to-life
You try me, and I'ma get 20 tonight
You think your bitch bad, man I got 20 alike
Not the car but you know I be pushin' the white
Dippin' Chevy in syrup, digital dash
No bank accounts, my money in bags
Go do the physics, cuz when I whip it
And I love to whip it
That's just another digit
This my city, in my city ya gotta tote fire
Over town, they'll bust ya head cuz it won't slide
Brown sub'll wet ya ass like a dope ride
You're dead wrong for thinkin' them chicos won't ride
Ober locker revolve around that big 4-5
Them lil' Haitians, they take ya ass for a boat ride
In Carol City, niggaz quick to blow the plane wit' it
Unpack the sack and kill the game wit' it

Born and raised, born-born and raised
Born and raised in the county of Dade
Born-born and raised, born-born and raised
Born-born and raised in the county of Dade

DJ Khaled:
Yeah it's DJ Khaled, do or die
Big Dog Pitbull, Terror Squadron AKA The Beat Novocain
Rest in peace to my dog Uncle Al
I rep my city
Dade County

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