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Dj Bobo - The Colour Of Freedom Lyrics

The colour of freedom, a symbol of passion
A sign of emotion will show you the way

The colour of freedom for every nation
The heartbeat of peace has never an end

The colour of freedom
The colour of freedom and hope

Danger - I wanna guide you trough
To cold in a world, to hot to defend your-
self I'm here to protect you,
Love you, hold you, that's what I told you

Talking - until the morning light
Hold my body tight all night
In my fantasy I turn you on
The dream is over, are you gone?

We are - in a strange situation
You and me as one - no declaration
I say the words you long to hear
Is there anything, I have to fear

Love - it's a prime temptation
Think abouth togetherness - a combination
Is there a price we have to pay
The colour of freedom will show you the way

You're so different - unique like a melody
The harder I try, the better is the remedy
Power energy do you have a memory
Take my hand in reality

Can we try again, just one more time
Can the love we found, be back as yours and mine
So much we need to share
Send me a smile and show you care

I'm searching for the beat, the beat of your heart
Once again let me be a part
A part of your life, a part of your love
A part of what I'm dreaming of

One more chance, we gonna taste it
Now or never, no time to waste it
Is there a price we have to pay
The colour of freedom will show you the way

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