Constancy - The Dreamer Lyrics

Please wake up casual eyes, its time to see
My heart's still dreaming but we will just let it be
Leave it lost in peace

Taste the dew drip off the leaves as morning cries
Seasons come and seasons change before my eyes
But time means nothing to a clock

Clandestine winds set sail for me when the ocean speaks
Toss this bottle out to sea along with me
Would someone rescue me?

Oh, what's in that mind of yours my dear, and what's in your heart?
Let all the colors come out; paint it all down
Keep singing your dreams and I'll listen in harmony
Then when you finally wake all the angels can sing you back to sleep

Know nothing stays the same; oh nothing stays the same
All good and bad things will someday change
Just know that nothing stays the same

A dove can't fly with broken wings; it needs time to heal
Just like beauty needs its chance to be revealed
So step out into the open

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