A man like you, a man like you
could be my new beginning
and get me on the winning side of life
if I had you, a man like you
all the fairy tales I dreamed about
just a breath ago would all come true

If I had you baby
if I had a man like you

A man like you baby, just like you
I'd share all of the precious things
that I've been saving deep within my soul
well a man like you, and baby
a little ol' sweet girl like me
the two of us together
ride the waves forever and we'll be home free

Well don't you feel it, yeah
I need a man like you
and all I want is to know
I need you by my side yeah
and I want to protect you baby
from all things in life
well I do, yeah

Oh, what I wouldn't do for a man like you

A man like you, a man like you

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