WHISKEYTOWN - Avenues Lyrics

Know the cops here they can't run down to your houseSometimes I'll sit and wish I were somewhere elseSo let's dim the daylights for us sweethearts that we areSometimes I find myself still lying in your armsAll the sweethearts of the worldAre out dancing in the placesWhere me and all my friends go to hide our facesAvenues run one wayStreets they run the sameSomething in the air hereStill keeps me awayThough the cops here they can't take me to your houseI get directions and pretend I was somewhere elseAll the sweethearts of the world are out littering the barsAnd I am still avenues from any place you areYou know avenues run one wayThe streets they run the sameIt's going to take a lot of shit for me to stay away

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