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Common - Jimi Was a Rock Star Lyrics

Erykah Badu and Common ( deeply):

Verse 1:

Everyone hides thier face,
sets behind a mask they wear.
Jimi was a rock star
searching for that magic place
he could touch
in the sky
just to get his people high.

ohhhhhhhhh (jack!)
oh oh ohhhhhh
oh oh
oh oh
ohhhhhhhhh (jack!)(repeat)

Verse 2:

Life is so, colorful
reds, blues and dreams.
Jimi lives in a purple haze,
in a psychadelic maze.
Playing the streets like and instrument:
pulling strings wherever he went.
Angel sent
from the sky
just to get his people high.

ohhhhhhhhhh (jack!)
oh oh
oh oh
ohhhhhhhh (jack!)(repeat)

Women all around (ehh da da daaa da)
Fast cars and sound (ehh da da daaa da)
And freedom he was bound (ehh da da daaa da)
Couldn't see the ground (ehh da da daaa da)

Jimi come out why dont you set me free?!
(set me free)

Sooooo high
born to fly
getting high off his own supply
Everybody follows the same lord
Using his light to guide the way
?...try things but few die so young
something among
Jimi was stung

hides thier face
Sets behind a mask they wear
(back ground: Jimi come out why dont you set me free?)Till end

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