BLACK EYED PEAS - Joints & Jams Lyrics

Yeah...a chick-a-doom, chick-a-doom chick-a-doomChorus that's the joint, that's the jamTurn that shit up, play it again (3x)[will I am]I like the way the rhythm makes me jump and moveIt gots the feelin' that makes me wanna do my doGot me feelin' joy, turn my grey sky blueAnd when you hear a cut baby doll I know youWill feel it huh? get up on the floor start movin' someBody parts that got brothers actin' dumbAnd they be actin' dumb from the cut that playin'People break they neck from this demonstrationWe about mass appeal, no segregationGot black to asian and caucasian sayin'...Chorus (2x)[apldap]Let your body collide to the rhythm providedBy the mind state affairs classified and make yourHeat up and flare I swearA serenade, a soul and so bewareAnd what's happenin' here, seek one to help youFeelin' a piece of mind, let your spine unwindMaybe in time you can stop this crimeBut until then, yo i'm-a rock a rhyme sayin'...Chorus (2x)Bridge it's the jam, it's the jam, it's the jam, it's the jamIt's got groove it's got feelin'(a chick-a-doom, a chick-a-doom chick-a-doom doom)It's the jam, it's the jam, it's the jam, it's the jamIt's got groove it's got meanin'(a chick-a-doom, a chick-a-doom chick-a-doom doom)[taboo]Got the state's appeal with the joint's that realI don't need no steel to make my pointGet down and dirty cuz that's my jointHa! we preferably make all pointsThrough a nation we build off the musical fieldOr a visual thrill, we do what we feelAny time or place, on stage in ya faceOver tea in earth and outer space[will I am]Because we rock that *shit*, we flip that *shit*Some east coast west coast cosmic *shit*Some north bound *shit*, some some south bound *shit*Some overseas london out of town *shit*Rockin' the joint, rockin' the jamsTurn that shit up, play it again cuz...Chorus (3x)Bridge (1x) to fade out

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