Uh, hmmHurry up a bitYeah, yeahChorus (3x):I like the way you do it, when you do itWhen you doin, what you doinCheck this out right here, sonWe about to move to make you feel someA lot of positive vibrations to build from'cause all I wanna do is lose some and win someHave a little of prosperity and then someLivin my life handsome, has always been a dream butNow it's time to really achieve by all means (bust it)I keep my shit, plus thirty in betweenWhen an arm reach out to grab the supreme'cause I won't stop, and ap won't stopAnd tab won't stop until we reach the topThat means we won't quit, so we stay thick so you can enjoy itI know you like the way it's goin down, honey, honeyI know you like the milky-mellow sound, honey, honeyDoin this ain't all about money, moneyI know you like the way I sound, right, rightChorus (4x)As I enter the room I absorb the moodPositive vibe supplied by a positive crewAnd negativity exist and you must acknowledgeYou can be intelligent and never go to college'cause the way we live in societyIt ain't really the way that it's supposed to beAnd don't get close to me if you're contaminatedTake a picture of your soul and get it laminatedPut them in your wallet next to your moneyMoney represents your whole and soul represents your honeyAin't got honey then you ain't got beesAnd if you ain't got no money i'ma still mcThen empty l-o-v-e all over the trackOnce you r-e-d then you never go back'til the end of studio with the peas as blackWith adam, taboo, and alligator apl de apChorus (4x)I wanna travel the world and stop on every cityRejuvenate your burnt out sea put down your philly for a secClose your eyes and don't fretListen to the audible sounds and just letYour soul feel the free feelinReprovide you with the ride, free fallinTo make your heart beat, skip, hipnotize you andApl take you on a trip where your mind's at easeForget ballin 'cause I won't quit, and will won't quitAnd tab won't quit so you can enjoy itThat means we won't stopAnd I won't stop until we reach the ropI'd rather be ready for the futureDo it for yourself 'cause no one else will suit yaI juxtapose for mine to maintainAnd segregate myself from evil and painChorus (8x)

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