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BOYZ II MEN - That's Why I Love You Lyrics

When it's storming you are my sunshine
When my mind gets cloudy
You bring the light inside
When it's hard for me to breath
You are the air I need
Sometimes I make you wanna leave
But you are always there for me

That's why I love
That's why I love, I love
That's why I love you
That's why I love
And girl I love
I want everyone to know
That I love you

Verse 2
(Nate, sing it for them now)
When I'm crying you are my handkerchief
And when it feels like I'm dying
You bring me up with just one kiss
Baby you're the star when I'm lost
That guides my way
At times when I'm losing my mind
You make everything okay


I love it when you come around
'Cause you know just how to hold me down
You sho nuff got my hypnotized
You are so beautiful and damn those eyes
Without you baby what would I do
I'd use all of my breath to explain to you
That I love you
That's why I


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