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BOYZ II MEN - Everything Is You Lyrics

You are my everything

I've been thinking of a way to phrase it
Seems I never find the words to say it
But it's true to say I've been occupied by other things
How could I think that you wouldn't notice
The absence of our closeness
Realizing now I will never let it happen again, again

Now I realize that you are my everything
And without you here beside me
It's like an angel without it's wings
And now I realize that you are my everything
Now I know it, should've shown it
And now I realize that you are my everything

As I sit here contemplating
'Bout our love that's slowly fading
So insensitive, didn't hear you calling out for me
If I could change the past I would do
Everything to show I appreciate you
Open up your heart, let me help you fall in love again
My friend, ‘coz

Chorus ‘til fade

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