Cassidy - Freestyle Lyrics

Tha block pop so tha strip full
rocks got fist full stay laced wit that face tool
bull pop shit that hot shit I got a clip for
when it start sparkin' it be barkin like pitbulls
matter fact rocwilders when I let them shots holla
chicks on my cock so I'm still on tha block holla
cops on tha block and they still gon cop holla
ak I got cents and that's why i got dollars
I was schooled tha moves I'm oldschool like my pops father
I was showed tha moved creep wit tha older dudes
now I know tha rules so I move like a soldier move
real militant I'm real still killin it I got real guys thats paralyzed and still fellin it
yea im still on my feet and my toes
gettin higher than tha presidential sweet at tha nose
gettin higher than tha nose bleed seats to my shows
fuck a maybach I put tha back seats in a rose
fuck a GT I pull up in CLS tha butt soft like my females breast is it a V12 yes
I cop the uncoppable nigga you can't stop the unstoppable nigga I pop a shot threw u niggas
and I was like a pac to you niggas I gave you a flow adopted you niggas I did alot for you niggas
and this tha fuckin thanks I get you my son you should thank my dick
you take my shit flip it around and now you think you sick
I guess you think you cass but I think you trash
and I spank dat ass you ain't fuckin wit me
you wouldn't even rap like dat if it wasn't for me
wow, I been had my weight up how you gon battle me wit a style dat i made up
wow when I' home it's envy I'm feelin like tha boy pac when he was on tha phone wit Biggie
wow, what tha fuck is goin on out here
what tha fuck is nigga doin out here
niggas dralin out there
my block hot ya shit warm out there
ya block pop I put jon out there
so we goin out there
set up shop and get it on out their
pop hots and get it on out there
I'm on point like a thorn out here
come to philly I'm a don out here
yea you know I'm a boss dog naw diss ain't izod it's lacoss dog
i floss dog and I stay wit my juelz on
you problably wouldn't see this much ice in a hale storm
I tuck n I stash but fuckin wit cass a get you bucked or buck in a half but theres only a handful of rappers thats touchin the cass and most of them getting fucked in they ass ya man cass blast when the heat when the heat is on i walk wit the shells and i ain't got no adidas on
and I squeeze tha gun even when tha law watchin
I'm to hard tha rap version of bernard hopkins, nigga...

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