AMY GRANT - Our Love Lyrics

I don't know what to say to youTears are on your faceYou don't know how we'll make it throughSuch a lonely placeBut if you could read my mindThen you'd understandEven in times like theseI'm wanting nothing other thanChorus:Our loveYou and me togetherOur loveI'll stay with youOur loveOur love our love is trueOh won't you take me in your armsThat's where I belongTogether we are safe from harmTogether we are strongI will hold your heart in mineAnd guard it through the nightLet the stillness of this momentSpeak to us of all that's right with(repeat chorus)Our loveYou and me foreverOur loveI'm made for youOur loveOur love our love is trueClose your teary eyes and sleepI'll watch through the night and keep(repeat chorus)Our loveOur love

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