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Bill Anderson - Charlie Mary And Us Lyrics

[ Bill ]
Good evening dear how did things go did you have a good day today
I hope she doesn't notice that traces of Mary's lipstick that I just light away
[ Mary Lou ]
Okay I guess but that dog's gotta go but he always gets in my way
And he almost bit Charlie when he caught him sneakin' in the backdoor today
[ Bill ]
That's the good dinner dear think I'll have a beer maybe it'll help me unwind
Really I'd like to sneak ou and meet Mary tonight but she like get suspicious this time
[ Mary Lou ]
I'm so tired think I go to bed remember to turn out the lights
I really am tired but it's not from the work and I hope he's as tired as I am tonight
[ steel - guitar ]
[ Bill ]
Well goodnight have a good sleep wake me on time won't you dear
I almost slipped up and called to Mary I hope that she didn't hear
[ Mary Lou ]
Goodnight honey please don't worry I'll wake you in time for your bus
But I know about Mary and we're just one big happy family Charlie Mary and us
[ Both ]
I know about Charlie (and I know about Mary)
We're just one big happy family Charlie Mary and us

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