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AMY GRANT - A Christmas To Remember Lyrics

Twinkling lightsA chill is in the airAnd carols everywhereClose your eyes, it's almost hereCandles and cardsAnd favorite movie scenesThe smell of evergreenAs special as it's always beenAnd I have a dream or twoMaybe they will come trueChorus:Setting our hopes on a big snow tonightWe'll wake up to a world of whiteIt's gonna be a christmas to rememberLight up the fire, play some nat king coleAlways sentimental and don't you know thatIt's gonna be a christmas to rememberI know it's trueTime doesn't stand stillMany things can changeBut we know some things never willThe memories we shareThe songs we always singThe mystery of lifeThe hopefulness this season bringsAnd I have a dream or twoMaybe they will come trueChorus

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