ALANIS MORISSETTE - Surrendering Lyrics

You were full and fully capableYou were self sufficient and needlessYour house was fully decorated in that senseYou were taken with me to a pointA case of careful what you wish forBut what you knew was enough to beginAnd so you called and courted fiercelySo you reached out, entirely fearlessAnd yet you knew of reservation and how it servesAnd I salute you for your courageAnd I applaud your perseveranceAnd I embrace you for your faith in the face of adversarial forcesThat I representSo you were in but not entirelyYou were up for this but not totallyYou knew how arms length-ing can maintain doubtAnd so you fell and you're intactSo you dove in and you're still breathingSo you jumped and you're still flying if not shockedAnd I support you in your trustingAnd I commend you for your wisdomAnd I'm amazed by your surrender in the face of threatening forcesThat I representYou found creative ways to distanceYou hid away from much through humorYour choice of armor was your intellectAnd so you felt and you're still hereAnd so you died and you're still standingAnd so you softened and you're still safely in commandSelf protection was in times of true dangerYour best defense to mistrust and be warySurrendering a feat of unequalled measureAnd I'm thrilled to let you inOverjoyed to be let in in kind

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