ALANIS MORISSETTE - Simple Together Lyrics

You've been my golden best friendNow with post-demise at handCan't go to you for consolationCause we're off limits during this transitionThis grief overwhelms meIt burns in my stomachAnd I can't stop bumping into thingsI thought we'd be simple togetherI thought we'd be happy togetherThought we'd be limitless togetherI thought we'd be precious togetherBut I was sadly mistakenYou've been my soulmate and mentorI remembered you the moment I met youWith you I knew god's face was handsomeWith you I suffered an expansionThis loss is numbing meIt pierces my chestAnd I can't stop dropping everythingI thought we'd be sexy togetherThought we'd be evolving togetherI thought we'd have children togetherI thought we'd be family togetherBut I was sadly mistakenIf I had a bill for all the philosophies I sharedIf I had a penny for all the possibilities I presentedIf I had a dime for every hand thrown up in the airMy wealth would render this no less severeI thought we'd be genius togetherI thought we'd be healing togetherI thought we'd be growing togetherThought we'd be adventurous togetherBut I was sadly mistakenThought we'd be exploring togetherThought we'd be inspired togetherI thought we'd be flying togetherThought we'd be on fire togetherBut I was sadly mistaken(vocalizes)

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