What's the matter mary jane, you had a hard dayAs you place the don't disturb sign on the doorYou lost your place in line again, what a pityYou never seem to want to dance anymoreIt'sa long way downOn this roller coasterThe last chance streetcarWent off the trackAnd you're on itI hear you're counting sheep again mary janeWhat's the point of trying' to dream anymoreI hear you're losing weight again mary janeDo you ever wonder who you're losing it forWell it's full speed babyIn the wrong directionThere's a few more bruisesIf that's the wayYou insist on headingPlease be honest mary janeAre you happyPlease don't censor your trearsYou're the sweet crusaderAnd you're on your wayYou're the last great innocentAnd that's why I love youSo take this moment mary jane and be selfishWorry not about the cars that go byAll that matters mary jane is your freedomKeep warm my dear, keep dryTell meTell meWhat's the matter mary jane

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