JAMES TAYLOR - I Will Follow Lyrics

Yonder mountain so highI can't make it all on my own, noRolling river why so wide? To sweep me up and to bear me onUp against the sky so brightThat I can't even close my eyesI know I will follow (follow love)Yes, yes, I will follow (follow love)I will follow (follow love)Follow loveGrowing slowly like a treeSomeday soon, darling I love youI love youSoft and gentle, full summer moonSet my soul freeThank you, babyDrifting like a cloud in the skyI can see myself from high aboveI know I must follow (follow love)Somehow I will follow (follow love)I must follow (follow love)Follow loveOh, half the future and half the pastThey're waiting inside your eyesYes, and after all of thisTo last and lastTill at last it's your time to rise, riseTrue believer that I amI am blind, lead me on (lead me on)Blessed receiver of your loveI own my own timeAnd I've been holding on (holding on)Leave the word unspokenAnd the spell will not be brokenAnd I'm bound to follow, now (follow love)I know I must go (follow love)I must follow (follow love)Yes, I must follow (follow love)Someone to hold my hand (follow love)Somebody to lead me on(follow love)Somebody to walk beside me (follow love)Someone to follow me now (follow love)I must follow love (follow love)I will fall in loveI will follow love (follow love)Anywhere it leads meI will follow love (follow love)Follow love

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