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Destiny's Child - Survivor Remix Featuring The Brat Lyrics

Welcome to the wonderful world of destiny child
Im the brat tat tat my homeboy dan on the track
And we gonna lay yoou flat on your back beat with a
Boom Boom pat pat like that ya heard we come in this game like some survivors
and we leaving this game like survivors so from now until were dead & gone we
gonna be some survivors ya heard me
Beyonce where you at.

Now I抎 been through the storm and the rain
Climbed up the rough side and get tougher time
But I抎 Remain
If I forgot the stuff that shine
Forget the pump to protect mine
Surviving the game, hate on me cause you lame
There never see your face or say your name
No pain for me
No misery
Cause your history
I gonna hold on to what I got
Strive for more perfection
Strap on protection
My own direction
Born to be the best that I do
I抦 gonna make it through
Stompin like a soldier
In my big black boots
I keep on Jumpin Jumpin
Staying Funkey funkey for you
No matter who step in or walk out your life you don抰 them
Don抰 be a heavan
As long I抦 still breathing
Not leaving for no reason
Seen em come and go
Once rich they not gold
No house no more not even a condo
As long as I know how to love
I gonna stay alive
Know your gane of style
They en entertain me cause I抦 wild
Not ashamed to stay endowed
And arranged sit
And know thing cooled down Spit
And no game No doubt
I抦 gonna get paid in a big way

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