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Chris Brown - Escape Your Love Lyrics

I've tried, everythin' feels good the first time, damn right
Who am I to judge what ya like? Oh baby
Why we always makin' this so hard?
Ya sayin' it's not my fault but ya still take it out on me

I know I ain't perfect, the way I'm treatin' ya, ya don't deserve it
Gave her too many shoes, too many purses, she got too many people in her ear, I don't like that
If I were ya, it ain't worth it cuz I always lose
Girl to hell with all the games, the decisions that ya made, you've given up

Mama warned me 'bout someone like ya
Feel like a god damn fool, play with my heart, ya tried
I neva regret luv but sometimes it's just better, I'm fuckin' fed up, tired and jealous
Makin' yo life better by puttin' my bread up
Give up the battle just to escape yo luv
Give up the battle just to escape yo luv

(Verse 2)
Party every weekend, I say fuck the club
We too busy beefin', I think ya been cheatin'
She know when I'm deep in, Imma fuck it up
And she too busy runnin' places, calculatin' defense
All just make me sea sick, dick make ya believe it
All the rings and everythin' I bought ya, ya can keep it
My mama told me 'bout ya bitches
I'm single now, and throw this Rollie in the air yeah



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