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Chris Brown - Anyway (Explicit Version) Lyrics

Ft. Tayla Parx

(Chorus x2: Tayla Parx)
Cuz I'mma luv ya anyway

(Verse: Chris Brown)
I know you probably never had somebody
Lovin' you like I do, someone that's there for you
Don't judge ya cause I know we only human
I must be stupid babe, lettin' you slip away

(Pre-Chorus: both)
If you show me all your flaws, I'll show you mine
I'll claim your baggage, no longer need to hide

(Chorus: both)

(Verse 2: Chris Brown)
I wish that ya could see ya like I see ya
It's like that you're no good, you're just misunderstood
Now it's my job to make you a believer
'Em boys ain't like this man, can't luv ya like I can

(Pre-Chorus: both)

(Chorus: both)

(Bridge x4: Chris Brown)
Let me get it like


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