Chris Brown - Til The Morning Lyrics

Ft. DeJ Loaf

(Verse: Chris Brown)
It's a party on the weekend, know ya been working hard all day
Now it's time to turn up, yeah I know ya feel the same
Baby ya just want to go out, just to do lil dancing
It's a shame ya brought yo man with ya, know ya feeling kinda antsy

(Pre-Hook: Chris Brown)
Lemme show I got everything paid for
If he got a problem I got way more
She fucking with a boss, I make a name for
And I'mma give her everything she came for

(Hook: Chris Brown)
Till the morning
I'mma do my thing, girl I ain't lying we gon' do this
Till the morning
Cos' you're all I need, I don't need no sleep tonight
Till the morning
Gon' and tell yo friends that I don't get tired
We gon' do this 'til the morning
Oh yeah babe, oh yeah babe, we gon' do it 'til the morning

(Verse 2: DeJ Loaf)
Party, party, party!
Pass me the coco, take a shot to the head like yardy yardy yardy
He want to take me home, put me in the bed and feel my body, body, body
But ya got to come betta cos' I got my own bread
I got thousands, thousands, thousands (yeah, yeah)
Why ya asking all these questions? Niggas got to be the FEDs
Said I'm single but I ain't lonely
Want ya , then I have ya nigga slowly but surely
It's midnight, got a flight in the morning
Dance floor, baby we all like how ya performing
And I want ya, one night only this is torture
Seen it through the jeans yeah, so enormous
Yo, and I just want a portion
Other than the oven, baby go ahead and show me


(Verse 3: Chris Brown)
Party, party and put yo glass in the air
If ya in luv make a toast, take yo clothes off, put yo ass in the air
This is the party, party and I know ya don't really do this all the time
Got yo body on mine and yo man over there looking mad as hell



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