Chris Brown - All I Need Lyrics

Ft. Wale

(Intro: Wale)
There's been so many, it's been dope
My vibe Prosecco like a retired rep though
I've been official and been official
Let's go

(Verse: Chris Brown)
I'm just lookin' for a good time tonight
Weed and champagne, it's a good time right
They be actin' like they know about it
If they hatin', then ya know ya got it, fuck everybody

(Chorus: Chris Brown)
All I need in this crazy world is me and my baby girl
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ain't nobody else, ya make me feel like I can save the world
All I need, all I need
All I need in this crazy world is me and my baby girl
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
All I need, all I need, all I need, all I need

(Verse 2: Chris Brown)
At first we met in the lobby, now we body to body
Ya fallin' in love cause I'm sayin' all the shit ya want to hear
It's bedtime and I want ya to ride me, get a lil cocky
Girl, there's somethin' about me runnin' my fingers through yo hair, ya know that ya a bad bitch


(Verse 3: Wale)
Beauty's an understatement, THC concentrated
Can't see without cameras until I get to them numbers baby
Where the fuck is the Kodak?
Pull up in somethin' flagrant and foreign, say "Hello Borat"
Very nice, DMV that for life
See me, see hood and CB, this easy as apple pie, that's right
Make shit from most right, lame niggas goodbye
This Black Pyramid, I need a Cleopatra tonight
Then it's face down, ass up
She insist on missionary cause I'm hands up
Then it's ass down, hers up
I'm scratched up ya actin' like this yo first night


(Verse 4: Chris Brown)
Click clack, boom, I be on my pussy murder shit
Particular, vehicular, I'm tryin' to swerve the bitch
In them foreign cars, doors go up, ya ain't heard of shit
I hit it, she throw it like Serena in the tournament
Dimming all the lights, get that pussy, then it's curtains bitch
Put her on a flight, private jet, yeah she earned it
Pole in my room, brought a stripper bitch to teach her tricks
Ya know light skinned niggas still running shit


(Outro: Wale)
All I need in this world of sin
Is a lover, freak, wife and friend

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