BIG K.R.I.T. - Guillotine Flow Lyrics

You geekinÂ’ ha? You geekinÂ’ ha? X 2
Eeh nigga this that guillotine flow
IÂ’mma cut dem niggas down, shorty, anything goes
Wasn't none of dem niggas around, shorty
Now IÂ’m on my king shit, C.R.E.A.M. shit
Eagle wing shit, bubble a high beam shit
Give ‘em that dope that fiends get

Five star flow, been a while since I done bossed up
Round table talkinÂ’ IÂ’m seasoned so put the salt up
Get crossed up, IÂ’m Crawford, you awful, give the ball up
We all in, no fallenÂ’, from that platform, got tossed up
Like sat right here donÂ’t worry bout these others
If I let you push that foreign with fins that mean I love you
Put that shit to heart, played my part, 'till my closet's NoahÂ’s ark
Gator toes, fox and furs, matchin belt, life is hard
So I hit the strip money making KRIT
Used to bang for a block, now IÂ’m on my acre shit
Forty and a mule, anythin else minuscule
I ainÂ’t askin for your plate, I just wanna be full


Serve it like some hubbers on the corners
To dem geekers and them freakers and dem stoners
That fiend for that very moment
Brakes were screechin like sneakers but the speakers
Was beatin so loud nobody could peep it
They double back like “what you sold me?”
This shit here OG for the low-low, I canÂ’t go forth without
Payin you more though cuz IÂ’m ooh-oh-ooh-ooh so high
ThatÂ’s what I hear a lot but my product is real rock
Nirvana with the ear throb, if you need more you should try
Never stepped on upper echelon with the fire
Now run along, keep the line movin
Cuz thereÂ’s more folks that wanna buy
And we got that, never sold out, canÂ’t hold back supply
Unless you searchin for that wack shit, I ainÂ’t that type of guy


Rapsody, show me off like a trophy
Five finger rap a nigga but now IÂ’m Kobe
I been lyin low key but niggas been in the media
I know your life story without lookin up Wikipedia
It costs a lot to be famous
Words donÂ’t break bones but that donÂ’t mean they ainÂ’t painless
Steel sharpen steel but I donÂ’t know if itÂ’s stainless
Conversations with the older guys layin the game thick
Came in the game like Jameis on some fucker shit
Niggas ain't immortal, but livin like fuck a bucket list
Became famous, get money, spend it on rubber tits
The real niggas I know all respectinÂ’ the real shit
ThatÂ’s the media, mamma ainÂ’t raise an idiot
Hollered at the Doc and my niggas is like “is you kiddin me?”
Yah, game respect game,just promise when the fame come nigga, you wonÂ’t ever change
IÂ’m in this CamÂ’ron pink, I look good in these streets donÂ’t I?
Niggas talk shit like a nigga won’t pull up on ‘em
You know where I be, talkinÂ’ ComÂ’on rappinÂ’ bout corners
IÂ’m the black storm trooper all the whites folks mad at
DonÂ’t like female rappers? You only mad you canÂ’t bag that
Fuck you and your homeboy, security got ‘em
You want a rebound you better holler at Rodman
Need a dentist for that bullshit you talkinÂ’ homie
You know I keep a new flow if you feelinÂ’ tender on it
Hotline bling and ainÂ’t nobody answerin your calls
How meek of you niggas not to answer me at all, I feel a way
But the album cominÂ’ so IÂ’ll save it for another day
Callin me Rapsody, ainÂ’t no Tigger thow
Shouts to my left coast niggas out on Figueroa
To make it spark I ainÂ’t need a trigger or a milli yo
All I ever needed was a trill guillotine flow

(Hook 2)
Shorty cause this that guillotine flow
IÂ’ma cut dem niggas down shorty, anythin goes
Wasn't none of dem niggas around, shorty
Shorty now IÂ’m on my queen shit, C.R.E.A.M. shit
Eagle wing shit, bubble a high beam shit
Give ‘em that dope that fiends get
You geekinÂ’ ha? You geekinÂ’ ha? X 2

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