Dj Khaled - I Ride Lyrics

Ft. Boosie Badazz, Future, Rick Ross & Jeezy

(Intro/Hook: Future)
(Yeah) I said all these niggas fuck-niggas (Boosie Badazz, yeah, yeah)
And they said they fuck with ya (Uh-huh, fuck 'em, woo)
But really they don't fuck with ya (Huh, no tussle)
So I advise ya not to fuck with 'em (DJ Khaled)
And so I bought the Wraith on 'em (Wraith boys)
I still got the paper plates on 'em (Money boy, woo)
And if ya think I'm playing with ya (Playing with ya)
I ride on ya niggas (Yeah) (x10)
So I advise ya not to fuck with em

(Verse: Boosie Badazz)
Boosie Mandela, I am the people's choices
We can take it there, but I take it much farther
Dude, ya don't know me, so ya can't drink my bottle
Why when I was gone, ya ain't do nothin' fo' my daughter?
Paper plate-livin' niggas hatin' cos' I'm balling
Borin' his bitch, fucked her and spoiled
Ya don't want to see me all I do is make a call
We have no specific victims, we want all y'all
Riding fo' the team, .45 with a beam, plenty murder scenes
So I advise ya not to fuck with 'em, G-O-R-R-I-double-L-E
It's levels to this shit like my nigga Meek say, DJ Khaled, look


(Verse 2: Jeezy)
All the bad bitches real niggas holler when we enter
Sky dweller lookin' like chilly in the winter
12 gauge most bruh that bitch look like a chopper
And my dawg burst so I hand it to my partner
Heat game chip bitch I'm chillin' on the flo'
All white hit the door lookin' like a kilo
Ice machine refrigerator nigga what the hell
What they said about my watch when I spoke to Garry Ale
Cash on the Wraith so this shit is not a lease
Hundred cash on the Cuban fuck I need with a piece
Catch ya in the streets knock yo top off like a Jeep
Then we show up at yo funeral and piss all on yo wreath
Ride on 'em


(Verse 3: Rick Ross)
Bettin' on a nigga I'mma go n' get it
And if I set it on a nigga ya can bet that I'mma go n' hit it
These the laws that we live by
Same niggas that yo lookin' at the ones ya gettin' slit by
Still movin' how I want tho'
Fo' a brick whole clique gettin' left in a coma
White glove, it's a deadly game
Ya gon' fuck top down say my name like anime
All I want is real estate
Graduated from the corner till I send it up the interstate
Niggas hatin' on me
But I got a new plug and it got a truck waitin' on me


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