Dj Khaled - Most High Lyrics

(Prod by StreetRunner & Tarik Azzouz)
Ft. John Legend

(Intro: DJ Khaled)
We all got to go thru' storms
We all got to go thru' mud
Remember the sunshine on the other side

(Verse: John Legend)
First I got to give thanks to the most high
I've been thru' it all good and bad seen both side
Now we in the sky seem so high
And the view is so amazin' that ain't no lie

(Hook: John Legend)
Ya know what they say mo' money more problems
I guess they mad at us just cos' we came from the bottom
I feel the rain the storm's comin' in
But after the rain we'll be shinin' again (don't give up)

(Verse 2: John Legend)
Don't worry it won't rain forever
I've been thru' the craziest weather
The world is cold there ain't no one to call on
I thought ya would be there for me I was all wrong


(Outro: DJ Khaled)
Thank ya for all of my blessings
All praise to the most high
The most high

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