Demi Lovato - Kingdom Come Lyrics

feat. Iggy Azalea

Can we love until there's nothin left
And we're collectin dust
Use the hell out of our golden souls
Until we're flecks of rust

A love so deep, nothin else like it
Scars go deep, but they can't find it
Flame so bright make the daylight look dark
Cross my heart, that I'd die for ya
Cross my heart, that I'll always keep ya
Cross my heart like a bittersweet tattoo
And we go...

Oooh, you're my kingdom come x 2
Sit me on your throne
Yeah x 3

Let it intertwine your hand in mine
And fill the empty space
All the demons cry cuz you and I
Found love in a broken place

(Pre-Chorus) + (Chorus)

Yeah, yeah, yeah Iggs
Gather round, now I'm back from my holiday
Long live the Queen what the people say
And that be me, I gotta king in my cavalry
Dem other knights, say goodnight, they get apathy
You'll never catch an Adam without Eve
You'll never catch a Blue without Steve
See what I mean, you're my Caesar, burn my chariot
You know Family Matters, what's Carl without Harriet
Inseparable like Mary Kate and Ashley
Incredible, I'm ready if you ask me
To ride on dem, them meanin chicks, ya feel me
I break 'em down, it's a sport, I should win an ESPY
Royalty another level, boy your throne shine
Legendary love, the nation needs a paradigm
Call all the king's horses and all the kinsmen
We rule until the end, kingdom come


You're my kingdom come
Sit me on your throne
You're my kingdom come
Sit me on your throne

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