Demi Lovato - Wildfire Lyrics

We were goin way too fast
Chasin down the hourglass
Runnin from the past
Headin out with no direction
A kerosene beauty queen
Lookin for her matchstick king
To burn into my heart
Hand in to the flame
We could set the world ablaze cuz

Baby, you’re all I need
Come now, set me free
Like a wildfire, like a wildfire
Breathless, I can’t resist
Melt with your scarlet kiss
Like a wildfire, like a wildfire

I look into your sunset eyes
Waitin for the moon to rise
So I can feel your heat
This love is so completely crazy
You’ve been fuckin with my dreams
Ripped me like your torn up jeans
I don’t even care
You can take me there
You can set me my world ablaze cuz


Baby tell me where you wanna run, run
Cuz I’ve been burnin like the mornin sun
Take my hand, you can burn this city with me, ooh
Play me like your first guitar
Where every single notes too hard
I don’t even care
You can take me there
We can set the world on fire



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