Dj Khaled - You Mine Lyrics

[You mine, you mine, you mine, you mine, you mine, you mine
You mine] x 2
Bring your body here
You've been workin' out lookin' so right
So it's only right
Yeah you know how we get
It's growin' up, I know you down to ride
You know what's on tonight
[You mine, you mine, you mine, you mine, you mine, you mine
You mine] x 2

You know when I'm opposite of you it drives me so fuckin' crazy
Got my head between your legs
Kissin' on your favorite places
Girl you make a mess
How you got me makin' sticky faces
You like to get gone off that liq
One more shot, one more sip, you get so into it, girl
I bet the neighbors, bet they know us
Pussy bomb when you you blow up, girl
And other niggas can't do nothin' for ya
I pledge you mine, you know you keep me focused
Said dem other niggas stop wastin their time
You mine, you mine, you mine, you mine


Dress it up and make it real for me
Then tell me you gone kill for me
Then tell me you gone steal for me x 2
I just said walk in the mall
Like you're Puffy then I say gimme the Total
I went to Harlem and get me a Spanish bitch
She dress like a mannequin
I went to Baltimore, got me a ghetto bitch
Cuz I've been livin' so lavishly
She fuck me good, she roll up my blunts
She even hang round all my savages
I put my time in
Even got the Rollie off her like Uncle May
I know it's love, I know it's love
Cuz she hang around all my shooters
I walked in the club, I walked in the club
I told that bitch hold on the Ruger
Even I'm gangster nigga, love ya like Larry Hoover
I just sent her off to shop her daughter in the Uber
She know the shit that I told her some on the realest ever been told


It's We The Best Music
For life
Another one

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