Chrishan - Here 4 Ya Lyrics

Oh yeah x 2

Usually I don't get caught up
Same shit I've been brought up
Who I'm creepin with now?
Who I'm seein with now?
And we both made our promises,
Like we put this behind us
It's freakin me out, you don't even speak to me now

What I do sometimes I know I'm selfish
Told myself that I would not regret this
Now my brothers and this bitch be turnin up
And I'm fucked up
(But like 2 plus 2
I'm still here 4 ya, still here 4 ya x 2 ) x 2

We're fightin over the dishes
But I'll always be around
Now I'mma keep the other three bitches
But you know that is just for now
I only hope that if you come, if you're comin, make it real quick
These girls can't do tricks like you do
Can't displace like you do
Right now I'm passin on to my girl
Nobody else is touchin you, no one but me and you
(Two plus two
I'm still here for ya, still here for ya)
You know, you know
You do, you do no more

(Two, two
I'm still here 4 ya, still here 4 ya)

Who is it? X 2
Who the heck you run to?
You gotta be high right now
Rolling out just to get to the dace
Life is amazin,
Tell me who you run to?
There's my name
Your pussy bionic, yea I wanna get it beside me
It's kinda ironic my baby,
But you're cold like Seattle
Cold like Seattle

Who is it?
Who the heck you run to?

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