Chrishan - Sin City Lyrics

(Sin, sin city wasn't made for you
Angels like you) x 2
(Oh, you know it
Oh, you know it) x 16
Take that off, I just wanna see you
Your leg so soft, I had to be near you
Plus in my mind, goin so crazy,
I just wanna hear you
When touchin your body, what I have prepared for you
Nuthin will spear you
Pussy so wet I feel a drip comin down, must be in Houston
You close your eyes,
You feel the rise,
I go inside, I'm shootin


No more calls, no one's comin over
Ride it like you stole it, tonight you're the owner, oh, oh
Other girls they be hatin, cuz they be textin too late,
but I'm yours now
Babe just retie theses restraints, tell me who's it is and ain't,
Hit the floor now


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