Chrishan - Wit It Lyrics

Yeah, Oh yeah x 3

Lookin 'round my living room
Every time I think of you
I'm high girl, where you at?
You're drunk and black, I'm gon' get it
I'ma swing by, I'ma pick you up
Comin down like used to
Just like how we used to
But I need to know
Is you still wit it? Wit it? Wit it? X 2

And I pull up in that parkin lot
Bout to head back to the house
When you walk in, don't talk a lot
Cuz my nigga's sleepin on the couch
You can hit the bed, you can hit the floor
Just make sure that you lock the door
No strangers sneakin on us,
My head is crazy bein honest
You put your face down, then ass up
Tag 'em like a drum roll
So high, like the bass low
Up and whine, wanna say somethin
Say somethin, open wide
Wanna say somethin
Yeah, only thing need to know
Is you still wit it? Wit it? Wit it? X 2
Is you still wit it?

Yeah, how did I know it was you?
Used to walk in the room, and make the baddest,
But you knew it was uncomfortable
I mean, I swear you do the shit like it was somethin to do
I mean, somebody must've get you out the juice
The baddest bitches that I knew were fuckin for sure
But you're makin the most, you're payin the dues
All over the news
That's a good thing,
That could make a nigga fall in love
That's a new thing

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