Chrishan - Idfc Lyrics

(Prod. by Chrishan)
(Released by Right Now Records)

Every fuckin' night, every fuckin' day
You be screamin' in my face,
You know it's too loud to hear you
I don't fucking care, you be lying anyway

I just be like "whoa oh oh oh oh"
"Ah ah ah ah ah ah" jah, yaas
I just be like "whoa oh oh oh oh"
"Ah ah ah ah ah ah" jah, yaas

I just came to kick it with my niggas in the club
All these bottles on the _____(?), you know I'm pouring up
Henny and that Remy, yeah, I got got got that stuff
She said "don't forget me" but you know I'm drunk as fuck
Call it what you want, she'll say anything
You can hit the block, but you don't have to speak
They gon' say they real but they don't know what it means
I'mma shine and chill while you fuckin' with me



I'm coming out, pouring up
Tippin' foes in my cup
Where you from? How you know me?
I know you don't, so step the fuck back!

(Verse 2)
Hit! I just went out to fuck a nigga' bitch
I do I have until I do the rest
You see the water drippin' down my wrist
I know a couple niggas down to flip a brick
Said she in love but wanna perk a six
She wanna hit my pool and take a dip
I got her doin' things she neva did
Things she neva did, things she neva did



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