Chris Brown - Paradise Lyrics

Ft. Benny Benassi

I'm here at the end, yeah, if I could go back to the start
I'd do it again, yeah, I'd live like neva before
Now will u remember, remember me when I'm gone?
Remember the heat, yeah, that's keepin' u warm?

Sayin' brighter, now we're burnin' up, light up
Yellin' turn it up, let go, let go, let go

In paradise, the closer I get to u it feels like paradise
And I'd do anythin' you'd want me to when we're in paradise
I'll see u on the otha side, where it's alright
If tonight is the last night, I'll see u in paradise (x3)

(Verse 2)
You betta be ready cos' all good things come to an end
Spring into summer, my fire's burnin' again



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