Cocorosie - Lost Girls Lyrics

Even though red is not ur color
I'll dress u in feathers
And fly u in the windy weather
Like a child bird marooned
On an island of cats
Lil dewy brawlin' cats
With cross-eyed and hats
They take mercy on u
Take u for walks
The mercy choir singin' dismal dims
Watery bible rhymes
All jumbled a mess
A mess of bright graves
Flowers and balloons

Stick out ur thumb
And lift up ur skirt
Someone's bound to stop here soon
Take down ur hair
And wind up ur grin
Someone's goin' to take u home

With a knapsack of trinket
I'm off to seek my fortune again
Chasin' ghosts of dead orphans
Friends, cousin or kin
We wave to the passer by
Moth wings of a butterfly
Endless tracks where no car pass
Close ur eyes and u can fly
I'm off to meet my soul mate
A naked fawny jail bate
Wadin' into ponds
Filly with polly wigs at dawn
Mournin' the light
That slipped from my eyes
A little child with dirty nails
And dirty hair
I hard dirty things scrawled upon my mind

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