DISTURBED - Tyrant Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Can we make amends, do we just pretend
That we're over all the violence
Are we done with this? Put it all to rest
Turn the screams now into silence
Will you be a man? Can you make a stand?
Will you own up or deny it all?
All the time we lost, was it worth the cost
Of breaking a family in two?
Destroyed all we knew

A tyrant, so defiant
Lonely as your heart is sinking
Consequences, no defenses
If only you had been thinking
Compliant, for a moment
Why did both of us have to believe that we were right?

(Verse 2)
Can I clear my mind? Leave it all behind
Start to pick up all the pieces
Can I hide the scars? Just like prison bars
That have always seemed to confine me
Will we save it all? Even from the fall
Is there time left for revival
Can I be convinced that some hope exists?
With these wounds cut so deep in my soul
Can we become whole?


There's so many things that I wanted to say
But the love turned to hate we kept pushing away
And the words that came out turned it into a mess
And it's like pulling teeth cause you'll never confess
Now the damage is done
The hurt and the pain when nobody has won
Have we forgot it's your blood inside of my veins
That feeds my heart


Thanks to Rayth the Disturbed One

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