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Dan + Shay - Nothin' Like You Lyrics

I remember when I first met u
Sippin' coffee in a corner booth
You were twirlin' ur hair
And I just had to stare
For a minute or 2
I was laughin' at ur stack of books
Then you shot me that smile
Hey beautiful girl, in ur own lil world
Let me in it! U got all of my attention
And u ain't even tryin'
Yeah, you're my kind of different
And I neva seen nothin'

Nothin' like u
Shades on spinnin' in a summer rain
Dancin' when there ain't no music
Just the right kind of crazy, baby
Somethin' about u
Rockin' that rock 'n roll t-shirt
Whole party dressed up
But u just doin' ur thing
Ain't nobody eva seen nothin' like u

(Verse 2)
When you're wearin' them worn out jeans
Purple untied shoestrings
You're a light in the dark
And you're stealin' my heart like a gypsy
I luv the way that u kiss me
In front of everybody
So baby come and kiss me
They ain't eva seen nothin'

(Chorus x2)

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