Chrishan - I Do Lyrics

Yeah, IÂ’mma pull up with the girls now
Yeah you know, probably get on
Before you hop in, take your clothes off
Ride it like a cheep with a tosa
Yeah you know my name but I need yours
Yeah I got a brand but I need more
Rolling up a plane like a G. form
Uuh that pussy wet like a sea

She typinÂ’, IÂ’m like what the fuck itÂ’s shappeninÂ’
Hold up, she wanna slow up
You know I grow up to Minnesota
All take while itÂ’s freshinÂ’
I took it ____________(?)
She say, I canÂ’t swim,
I say hold up, you know I grow up
You know I grow up to Minnesota
Who does it for you? x 4
Who does like I do, do, do, do?

IÂ’mma let it wait for a minute
Could let my vein turninÂ’
She like, how I do
Take a break for a second
Like did you learn the lesson?
Uuh, she like how I do



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