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Cassidy - Running Out of Patience Lyrics

Mayhem music, I'm fed up, man, my patience is runnin' out

To get what I want, I gotta take it
Did a lotta waitin', I'm runnin' outta patience
I'm gettin' tired, I cannot fake it
Did a lotta waitin', I'm runnin' outta patience
Time - money, I'm tryin' not to waste it
Did a lotta waitin', I'm runnin' outta patience
From now on I'mma stop bein' patient
Did a lotta waitin', I'm runnin' outta patience
(Runnin' outta patience) I'm runnin' out, I'm runnin' out (x2)

Tired takin' turns, but if you play by the rules
Then it's anotha dude move, you gotta wait yo turn
I barely sleep, I got cake to earn, plus the bird that woke up
The earlier is the one that ate the worm
I couldn't wait to learn how to do this shit
Make cake then double it, triple it, quadruple it
I'm tryna ball and I don't shoot to miss
But errbody won't get you asses, so watch who you hoopin' with
You get more loot than you used to get, they is tryna off you
That's friends across you like a crucifix
I'm the truth with this, I'm controlled on rap
I'mma start exposin' cats, I'mma start holdin' back, facts


(verse 2)
Fed up, I took a fall but I'mma get up
I'm neva goin' lead up, I'm still keepin' my head up
I'm tryin' get my bread up (but when you gon' drop, ball?)
I'm not sure, but the law got us set up
Anything I drop is sick, but it's all politics
Patience, I'm runnin' out of it, I'm gettin' tired of it
Mane, when I change the game, they ain't acknowledge it
But fuck it, I'mma change the game again cause I'm hot as shit
I get on tracks and demolish it, and show all these rap cats
How to spit, gimme my acknowledgement
I'm takin' ova, I'm raw, no bake and soda
Fuck what them haters told ya, the wait if ova!


(Verse 3)
Tryn' get this loot, it's all gravy
That's why my boss crazy, like Smokie and a chicken coup
Anything, I spit the truth, and my boss so hard
That if you try to bite him you will prolly chip a tooth
Don't make me kick yo ass, cause I'll stick my boot so far in it, man, you'll be shittin' Tymbalands
Four week straight, fo' pete's sake, you been a fan
My flow so hot it get dark skin minute tan
I stay with K's like I'm in a clan
If you pussies touch Cass, I'mma bust fast like a minute man
I took a break to formulate a business plan
I'm bout my business man but my patience been a ram



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